Business Women's Community

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Seema Giri


At BWCWorld, we have created a community of inspired business women entrepreneurs. We are here to support each other in our business endeavors. We work with women within a collaborative process that helps us with small shifts to achieve great results in our business.




Alaena Agbisit


Chau Phan




"I love BWC because of the platform for women in business to share their passion to the community. BWC is a very comfortable and natural way to meet like-minded women, not only to grow your business, but also to build long lasting relationships!"

"I like BWC because we are a community of resources, motivation and inspiration. A place where you can grow professionally and personally."

"I like the community of women in BWC. They are very supportive, caring, and engaging group of women."



Mountain View, CA

"I love how the BWC is all about empowering women business owners in a positive, supporting environment.  It is the perfect way to network with other local women business entrepreneurs in your local market!"